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Michael Lynch Book Review – (Pilonidal Cyst Relief)

Michael Lynch Book Review –

What you are reading is my personal review about Michael Lynch’s Pilonidal Cyst Relief book.

Michael Lynch for those of you who don’t know is some guy on the Internet who claims to have the Holy Grail of all pilonidal cyst treatments. But, the question is, does it work or is this guy full of shit? That’s why I created this blog.

You see, my name is Simon Karp and I live Tacoma Washington. I’m a student at a local community college here studying business administration.

About 9 months ago I came down with a bad case of pilonidal cyst. It’s this boil basically that occurs in the most worst of spots. Your butt!!

And let me tell you, it hurts like hell!!

I visited our family doctor like maybe a week after I first noticed it, but that idiot didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. All he wanted to do was recommend a local surgeon in town.


How the hell do you go from being fine one day, to needing surgery the next?

I refused, not wanting anyone with a knife to go near my cyst.

But, that didn’t last long. About 3 days later the pain was so intense that I simply threw in the towel and told them to do ANYTHING they had to to get rid of the pain. I was desperate by now.

The Surgery

I get my pilonidal cyst lanced and drained (which BTW wasn’t so bad) and I felt better a couple of days later. Complete healing took about 2 weeks. (That’s the absolute worst part, the healing.)

So, a few months go by and everything seems like it’s going fine.

Then, this damn thing out of nowhere just reappeared! I mean it came back with a vengeance this time and literally immobilized me to the point where every move I made hurt.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had your pilonidal cyst lanced, but to go through it and then later find out that it didn’t work is absolutely gut wrenching.

Here I am, laying on my left side in bed, not able to move a muscle, missing school, missing time away from family and friends.

I wasn’t sure how long it would last. I would often just lay there and cry.

Michael Lynch Book Review

Then, my mom tells me about this guy, Michael Lynch. About his so-called remedy for pilonidal cysts, and that I should give it a try.

I went to his website to check it out. It was your typical sales letter, trying to sell a product, nothing really stood out about it.

But I read it, and it made a lot of sense at first. I did totally agree with the part where he says in order to get real relief, you need to evacuate the pus. ALL of the pus.

I think that’s where the doctors failed me. They failed to get all the pus out. Just a simple lancing doesn’t do much in the way of offering permanent healing. All it’s really good for is getting rid of the superficial pus towards the surface, but that’s about it.

Eventually, with all that pus trapped inside, the pilonidal cyst comes back. And in my case, it came back worse than before.

I Bought Pilonidal Cyst Relief

I’m not one to buy your latest miracle cure product that you can find all over the web. I think they’re all scams. (Well most of them).

This was no exception. How is it, that this guy has the answer when my doctor who went to med school for 8 years doesn’t have a clue?

But, in this case, with being in so much pain, and having tried surgery without success, I had no where else to turn.

This was one of those rare moments in my life where I felt utterly helpless.

I bought Michael Lynch’s book entitled Pilonidal Cyst Relief. It is a download, so no waiting. I was able to begin reading it within the next few minutes.

I tried to position myself into a comfortable position in order to begin reading his book. After about 5 minutes of careful tossing and turning I started reading.

What’s Inside Pilonidal Cyst Relief

Immediately after your purchase, you are sent to the download page where you will find everything you ordered. Michael’s got it set up pretty nice, with clear instructions.

There’s also a pretty nice “secret bonus” inside that he doesn’t mention on the sales page.

Anyway, the first thing I noticed is that the book is broken up into 3 parts or Modules as he calls them. Just a fancier word I guess.

But these 3 parts all do a specific thing.

Module1 –

For instance, the first part discusses the quick ways to get instant healing without having to wait for a remedy to kick in.

My opinion on the first Module is mixed. He does give an excellent method that works really well at bursting pilonidal cysts. I know, because I actually tried it. So, I have to give him that.

Unfortunately, like the lancing I had, everything in the first Module is temporary quick fixes to get rid of the pain. You won’t find any long term healing advice in the first Module. If all your concerned about is getting rid of the pain, then this module will have everything you need.

I know for a fact you won’t find any of these treatments mentioned anywhere online or in print. I was searching for like 4 months straight and never even seen these methods talked about. Mr. Lynch went all out. 🙂

The first Module does give some helpful tips on certain foods you should and shouldn’t eat and other various warnings as well. It also kind of acts as a precursor to the next Module.

All in all, the first Module was very good, but I definitely didn’t buy his book for temporary solutions.

Module 2 –

So I get to reading the 2nd module. This is what I was waiting for. This is the treatment section.

Module 2 goes over the actual remedy or treatment of Pilonidal Cyst Relief. It’s only about 10 pages long, so it’s a quick read.

Now, it’s hard to make an initial judgement about this second module. Because without giving it a try, how can I say for sure if the treatment works, right?

I know this is supposed to be a Michael Lynch book review, but for now, we’ll leave this open.

Module 3 –

Module 3 covers long term healing and ensuring that your pilonidal cyst never returns. This is the longest module of them all at about 50 pages. This module I have to admit blew me away.

The stuff he talks about in the last module makes so much sense and by following Michael’s advice, you will not only assure yourself that you never get another pilonidal cyst again, but you will live a better, healthier life.

Module 3 goes over a lot of stuff and reveals a few things about the foods we eat that will definitely shock you. But he also gives you ways to continue eating the same things you always eat, but just changing this ONE thing. I can’t give it away, but it really is good stuff.

My Results – Michael Lynch Book Review

Okay, so I decide to give this treatment a shot and go to purchase a few of the items that I need. Once I had everything gathered, I started following the procedure step by step. He claims that if you don’t do it exactly as he describes, then it won’t work. I didn’t want to take any chances and mess up so I did everything as mentioned.

I started this treatment on a Sunday, by Tuesday my cyst had ruptured and began discharging pus. (Let me stop here and tell you, that the relief you get once your pilonidal cyst pops open is amazing)

It continued to drain for about 6 days and then it stopped. My cyst was much much smaller than when I started, but it wasn’t completely gone and I was afraid that the treatment stopped working.

I decided to wait another day and see what happens. By now, I felt well enough that i could walk, sit and lie down comfortably, but I didn’t want the cyst coming back in the future. I knew that I had to make this work now or never.

By the grace of God, 2 days after it had stopped, the cyst began leaking again. It leaked off and on for the next 4 days and then stopped again.

The cyst had really gone down in size now to the point where there was just a little scar where it used to be. Today, I can confidently say I no longer have my pilonidal cyst anymore. It’s a GREAT feeling!

Conclusion – Final Review of Michael Lynch’s Book

So, the ultimate question is, did Michael Lynch’s Pilonidal Cyst Relief work? And did the pilonidal cyst stay away?

Well, I can only answer the first question. And I have to say an astounding YES it did work.

It worked like he sad it would and I am so thankful my mom was able to stumble on Michael’s website that day.

However, I don’t know if it will stay away forever. It’s too soon to tell. I’ve only been off the treatment for about 2 months now. Only time will tell if this is the real deal or just a quick bandage.

I can say this though, if you were concerned about Michael and his book being a scam, don’t be. Michael is a cool cat who I have spoken with on a couple of occasions when I needed a little help or clarification on something.

You will definitely get your money’s worth with this product and Michael is pretty quick at answering emails.

I hope this helps any of you that were a little concerned. I definitely understand and that’s the primary reason I started this page. Thank you for reading my review on Michael Lynch and Pilonidal Cyst Relief book.

Michael’s Website:

P.S. – Some of you have been asking me about the bonus material that comes free with your purchase. So, I decided to clarify a couple of things. The bonus book that he has is a 275 page mammoth of a book that has like a little over 100 diseases in all.

In the beginning of the book, there is a list of all the diseases and you just click on the disease and it automatically takes you to that section.

Each section of diseases discusses treatment, symptoms, prevention, and other helpful info. It is a nice book that I could definitely see myself going back as a reference for.

All of the remedies seem to be well researched and only require a quick visit to you local grocery store. I haven’t actually tried any of the remedies yet, so I can’t comment on that.

I believe this same book sold on TV in the early 2000’s or something.

  1. Rick permalink

    Thanks for your honest review Simon. Does it hurt as the cyst is draining?

    • Naw, it doesn’t really hurt. It sucks though because that stuff gets everywhere my advice is to get a good gauze and wrap that sucker up.

  2. Moomoo permalink

    Hey Simon, how old are you?

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